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Potassium Chloride Alternative

Potassium Chloride Salt may be used in your water softener in place of Sodium Chloride Salt. When used to remove the calcium and magnesium that makes water hard, it replaces them with potassium.

The human body cannot produce or store potassium; it must continually come from your diet. Potassium has been found to be a healthful nutrient for people and plants. Potassium chloride is a naturally occurring mineral that is an excellent source of the plant nutrient potassium. When the water containing potassium enters the soil, it helps fertilize your lawn and plants.

Potassium Intake From Drinking Water That Has Been Softened With Potassium chloride (KCl) As a Regenerant

 Initial Hardness Grains Per Gallon (as CaCO3) Potassium Added*


Potassium Added*


Potassium Added*

 mg/8 oz.

5 67 63 16
10 134 127 32
15 201 190 48
20 267 253 63
25 334 316 79
30 402 380 95
35 468 443 111
*Recommended average daily dietary intake of potassium for a healthy adult is 2,700 mg to 3,500 mg.
Caution: This product is to be used only as a water softener. Individuals under treatment for renal or cardiac disease, diabetes, or receiving medication for high blood pressure should consult their physician prior to consuming water softened with this product.

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